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xxxHotAnyaxxx – First Adult Webcam Performing Experience

Hi readers, firstly let me introduce myself soon after that I’d like to discuss my first encounter as a webcam girl with you all.
Im xxxHotAnyaxxx young 23 years . Now I live in London for some Modeling work offers I received where I moved to several years past. My hobbies besides my occupation are horseback riding and viewing films at home on the sofa.

I moved to London a career in modeling, as I said, a couple of years past, at the age of 17. I’d collected quite some expertise from various occupations in Holland. Mostly advertisements and clothes pictures for mail order businesses and various warehouses in Holland.

I loved it very much so when the chance arose to move up the ladder in modeling ( I was asked for a photo shoot in London for an important designer label) I didn’t have to think twice about it, London it was!

In the beginning every thing was excellent, the photo shoot was a success and offers that are new arrived away. But sadly as the months passed by I began to receive less & Less offers until eventually (without going in to details) I was flat broke, jobless and 2 months behind on my rent & utilities.

This can be how my mind was come to by webcam modelling. I few of my buddies had done it and were favorable about it or did it, I’d never been timid or embarrassed of my body, I ‘d tons of expertise before camera’s and I adored testing & sex so how difficult could it be?


I began as a webcam girl after a buddy helped me signing up as a model at a webcam website, and I must confess it had me quite excited & aroused before I began.

But these feelings immediately made place for anxiety & panic the moment the first customer, a chubby man in his 40’ies entered my chat room and began a private session. He turned on his cam stroking his erect cock.

I was incredibly nervous, more nervous then I ‘d been during any of my regular photo shoots. I just didn’t understand what to say or how to proceed.

I’m quite certain I seemed not thoroughly comfortable. Fortunately the guy began asking me questions about sex on webcam . He was kind of rude, telling me to show my tits, asking me if I enjoyed it up my butt.

Private questions and the orders were undoubtedly not but on the other hand him asking questions gave me directions on the best way to act and what to say and telling.

He explained spread my legs and to take of my panties, so I did so, again comfortless. The earliest guy who’d seen my nude was 25 and here I was with this middle aged man staring straight at the private part of my body.

xxxhotanyaxxx sex cam room

He asked me if I ‘d any toys. Dumb me! I completely forgot about playthings. The guy was quite surprised when he found out I didn’t asked me and have any playthings If I didn’t use any toys to masturbate within my private life.

I told him that I just used my fingers and no, the truth was in Case A saw something vibrating on my clit a toothbrush and I used a hairbrush. But never would I share something.

Of course now After nearly 4 years as full time cam girl I don’t have any problems talking about what type of sexual acts you can think of. As I got myself believe I was but at that time I was way too green for such discussion instead of almost as extrovert.

Anyhow the guy asked me to finger. He Inquired my if I was Horny, which I wasn’t, I told him “Yes really” in the most a-sexual tone of voice you heard.

He Inquired me If I was not dry. The Sahara is a swimming pool compared to my pussy during those times. but I told him yes.

Fortunately after maximum. I being asked questions by 10 minutes of him and me lying while fingering my dry pussy he concluded and shot at a huge load of cum over his fat beer belly.

He immediately left the chat room and thanked me. I was 100 % certain this had not been the appropriate occupation for me and I’d never ever get it done again and immediately logged from my cam version account.

I told you I as a full time cam now so I didn’t quit. Actually another day it attempted and had one of the most intense and longest climaxes I’ve ever had at that age. But I’ll discuss on that story within my next post.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023

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